High Desert Trees…….a true story!

The Client: Special Needs-Care Facility located in the high desert.

Transcripts of Phone Call:

Frantic Project Manager: “Mark..you have to help us, we have a problem! We forgot to irrigate the trees!”
mark@AtomicIrrigation.com: “Say what?”

Frantic Project Manager: “The irrigation plan we had for some years now, and just implemented, did not show any tree irrigation. Now we are concerned that in a draught condition we will only be allowed to irrigate trees (and not the remaining landscape).”

mark@AtomicIrrigation.com: “So now you want to supplement the existing irrigation system with separate tree circuits (like it should have been done in the first place?”

Frantic Project Manager: “yes, but we cant run control wires to the controller because we don’t want to dig up the turf/landscape we just planted.”

mark@AtomicIrrigation.com: “Ill get back to you with a solution.”


  1. Extend existing irrigation system to newly planted trees.
  2. Must not exceed water demand of existing system while operating tree irrigation. Provide ability to water five trees at once.
  3. No ability to bury control wires to existing irrigation controller.


Atomic Irrigation extended the existing irrigation system with the following:

  1. Designed tree irrigation circuits around a solar powered irrigation controller. (No control wires!)
  2. Utilized the sister product; a wireless handheld device that can operate up to 99 solar powered valves.
  3. Designed new tree irrigation circuits to not exceed available water.

Atomic Irrigation designed and delivered this (modified) irrigation system that achieved these requirements on time and on budget!

Whether you need to irrigate a commercial shopping center, municipal field, sports field, parking lot, private residence, an Air Force Base, or fix a problem, Atomic Irrigation can help. We’re up to speed on all the latest in technology from low-water spray heads, drip irrigation products, the latest ET Controllers and solar powered irrigation components!


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