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Atomic Irrigation is an irrigation design firm that specializes in irrigation systems design.

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Atomic Irrigation is a irrigation consulting firm that specializes in irrigation systems design. The firm utilizes the latest technology to ensure excellence and consistency in water resource management, regardless of project size.

What clients are saying about us

“I have had great success utilizing the very professional skills of Atomic Irrigation on various types of irrigation design projects ranging from commercial to government and institutional. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Susser and Atomic Irrigation as they are both knowledgeable and very, very prompt in meeting schedules. Atomics ’irrigation design plans and graphics are easy to read and well organized.”

David L. SimonLandscape Architect, Calif. State License #1150#

“Atomic Irrigation is a highly professional irrigation design firm with solid designs employing best practices, intelligent equipment specification and placement, and ease of installation considerations. The firm’s irrigation plans are clean and easily read, while also conveying a striking and consistent style.”

Jerimiah FarmerCTO LandFxLandFx


Project experience includes commercial, municipal agencies and residential developments. Work for these clients consists of commercial shopping areas, multi-family development, custom homes, educational institutions (state colleges) and public athletic facilities.

Types of irrigation systems designed include drip and low maintenance systems for California native and draught tolerant planting, low-water stream rotors and rotor systems controlled by satellite based ET controller systems and many others depending upon need.


Atomic Irrigation’s edge is in understanding and implementing technology to maximum advantage. Our customers depend upon us to be on top of the “efficiency curve” when it comes to irrigation control technologies.

Some of the technologies we love…


Netafim is a company that creates drip irrigation products. We specify Netafim drip irrigation products on many designs that demand the ultimate in drip irrigation technology.

Land F/X

Why do we love Land F/X? First of all, this amazing software was developed by a practicing landscape architect of 30 years! We use it to develop gorgeous landscape irrigation plans, make quick revisions and just about anything you would ask an irrigation designer to do. …..and it seamlessly works within AutoCad. Nuff said!

MP Rotator

Do you like to save water? We do too. Do you like super efficient design? We do too.

The MP Rotator is a mult-stream rotor the size of a spray nozzle. It fits any conventional spray head body or shrub adapter, transforming it into a high uniformity, low application rate sprinkler with matched precipitation even after arc and radius adjustment.

Every time we install these amazing little devices into one of designs, we literally have people stop and ask us about them. When was the last time you saw people standing still to watch an irrigation system run? Design it right and use these amazing litle devises and they will.

ET Controllers

Smart evapotranspiration (ET) controllers automatically adjust irrigation schedules based on landscape needs and local weather conditions (via adjustment to the ET rate). The result is higher property values, lower water bills and a healthier environment.

ET controllers take the guess work out of irrigation scheduling by using ET values to modify the base irrigation schedule…automatically!

•Eliminates reliance on historical data.
•Triggers dynamic irrigation adjustments bases on local daily weather.
•Removes hassle, risk and cost of single local sensors.
•Accounts for all the variables that affect ET, including humidity, solar radiation, temperature and wind.



Atomic Irrigation specializes in professionally designed landscape irrigation systems for commercial and residential applications. We have designed many irrigation systems throughout the United States (mostly in the western region) working primarily as a consultant to other Landscape Architectural and Engineering firms who have a unique project that requires a higher level of skill or knowledge than is provided in-house. Please see the projects page for more examples of our work.

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