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Here is what our clients have to say about us......

“Atomic Irrigation is a highly professional irrigation design firm with solid designs employing best practices, intelligent equipment specification and placement, and ease of installation considerations. The firm’s plans are clean and easily read, while also conveying a striking and consistent style.”
Jerimiah Farmer-CTO LandFx


“Atomic Irrigation proved to be fast, responsive, and thoughtful in their work. They took an incomplete irrigation plan and quickly assessed its weaknesses and provided me with an efficient and successful plan.” Allen Compton, Designer RCH Studios
“Commercial to residential Atomic Irrigation covers the full range of irrigation design. Always professional and prompt Atomic Irrigation is a great consultant.”
Peter Jensen-Gaudet Design Group.


“I have had great success utilizing the very professional skills of Atomic Irrigation on various types of irrigation projects ranging from commercial to government and institutional. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Susser and Atomic Irrigation as they are both knowledgeable and very, very prompt in meeting schedules. Atomics’ plans and graphics are easy to read and well organized.”
David L. Simon, Landscape Architect, Calif. State License #1150.


“Mark Susser’s knowledge and attention to details have saved me and my client’s money by correcting potential problems early in the design process reduced installation costs and conserved water by optimizing equipment and materials selection. The bottom line is Atomic Irrigation has always completed projects on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Mark Susser and Atomic Irrigation for any irrigation project large or small. “
John A. Tikotsky
Landscape Architect, Cal. Lic. #4152


Atomic Irrigation

Atomic Irrigation is an irrigation consulting firm specializing in irrigation system design and water management. Located in Santa Monica,California, the company has evolved into a recognized leader in irrigation design using the latest cutting edge technology available.

During the past years, Atomic Irrigation has completed irrigation construction drawings for many projects across the United States. Projects include commercial and residential developments, multiple family dwellings, public parks, athletic facilities, colleges, slope stabilization and re-vegetation projects.

Atomic Irrigation....irrigating the planet!